postheadericon RC Racing Event (2009)

 Earlier in the year our Good Friend Andy Bird (JeSpares Team Driver) suggested we hold an R/C event to try and raise some much needed funds for our charity. Andy approached one of the Club's he raced at (TRRAC) with Alan and spoke to Peter Lax and Jeffrey Clifton who not only agreed to provide the venue for FREE, but also to help get their sponsors Mirage and Schumacher to send some prizes. JESpares, CML and Muchmore also came on board with prizes.

When we arrived we could not believe the response we got. People just kept coming through the doors to race and in the end we had nearly 80 racers along with their families filling not only the hall but the corridors as well.

The day went very well and we would like to thank everyone for their help without you all we would not have being able to raise such a massive amount of £866.00.

We would also like to congratulate the following winners in each class who all go home with Trophies bearing our Charity name. :-

1/10 Touring Car - A Final

1 Shaun Ogden

2 Martin Jones

3 Tom Green





1/10 Touring Car Modified - A Final

1 Andrew Bird (JESpares Team Driver)

2 Gareth Williams




 1/10 Touring Car 27 - A Final

1 Alex Everett

2 Adam Talbot

3 Charlotte Bird



1/12 Circuit

1 Jonty Walkdeen

2 Fred Hatfield

3 James Hadden




Micros - A Final

1 Gareth Williams

2 Sam Cliffton (Schumacher)

3 Matthew Lax (Mirage)


Mardave - A Final

1 Michael Johnson

2 Darren Stevens

3 Matthew Hunter



1 Charlotte Bird

2 Kenndy Meredith

3 Cameron Currin



Venue Details

Wilencote High School
Tinkers Green Road
B77 5LF