postheadericon Livvy's 16th Birthday Fundraising Celebration

Livvy would have turned 16 on May 5th this year.

It is truly going to be hard facing this day without her.

So we decided that rather than be sad (well completely sad) on this day we wanted to do something to remember our beautiful and her giving spirit.

So we have decided to challenge you all to the £16 birthday pledge.

In anyway you want, we ask you to raise £16 or more in memory of our special girl.

All monies pledged will go towards creating memory making days for children with disabilities and their families. 

We also have a second request as well as the £16 birthday pledge we would love it if you and your families, friends or co-workers would get together and eat cake in memory of our special girl, making your own memory in the process.

Then taking a photo uploading to your social media sites with the hastag #Happy16thLivvy sharing our beautiful girl and raising awareness for Livvy's Smile.

Join us on our facebook event group as we share our fundraising ways and events. Livvy's 16th birthday fundraising celebration