postheadericon Livvy's Party Time - Amazing, Wonderful & Fantastic!



How do you put today into words, amazing, wonderful, and fantastic and many more? After waking to the rain we hoped we would still find families joining us at Livvy’s donkey party and it was with joy that we welcomed many.

We had laughter and we had smiles, the whole concept of the day. It’s with great thanks to EST Donkey Sanctuary for the use of the venue and the wonderful donkeys themselves of course. Especially Pascoe who was so patient as the children groomed him often. Amber and Lou you were brilliant.

Mr. Potato, Eddie, I can honestly say I have never seen balloon shapes so detailed they were great. The kids loved the circus skills and I think we may now have some budding stilt walkers. You were patient, kind and a lot of fun. Thank you.

If you take a look at the photos from the party you will see the wonderful face painting on the children, Sandra you were amazing.

The children enjoyed the bouncing castle and hopefully quite a few went home nice and tired. Thanks to First Class leisure for supplying the castle and Cara (My Sister) and all who supervised making sure all the children were enjoying themselves safely.

We all danced to the disco, and the bubble machine was a major hit with the children all round.
Thanks again to Gaz (CJ’s Karaoke) for the disco, which was supplied free of charge; your kindness is really appreciated.

The food was wonderful and the drinks a plenty, thanks again to my mom for the food and her crazy sidekicks Aunty Mary and Aunty Chris. We all ate plenty.

Another highlight of the day was the surprise visit from some firemen and their fire engine. The children just loved the engine, and the parents and carers appreciated the firemen. Dear Mr Fireman I do totally apologise for my auntie’s we do try to get them to behave ha ha. Thanks for stopping by.

The afternoon was a great success, as I said earlier there was laughter and plenty of smiles from the disabled children themselves,, their siblings and their parents and carer’s too.

Don’t forget to look to the sky for the balloons we released in our balloon race, All proceeds ( £100) went to the Donkey Sanctuary.

The owner of the balloon that is reported to have traveled the furthest will get a £25 voucher to spend in NEXT. Please, let it be mine!
Big thanks to my mother in law for her help organising the tickets and balloons.

When we lost Livvy we turned to our memories to get us through the bad times, of which there are still many. This is the reason behind Livvy’s Smile and also the reason today happened. We all need to take days just to enjoy ourselves and hopefully today was one of those for all who attended.

Having a disabled child isn’t easy and sometimes we forget to have fun, Livvy’s legacy is to bring love and laughter into the lives of children just like her. Today was hopefully the first of many events where smiles are created.

Again thank you to all that helped, but a special thank you to the children, for bringing light to a dull rainy day.